Marston Hall

Weddings, Civil Marriages, Family Celebrations, Funeral Wakes

Marston Hall, Marston, Near Grantham, Lincolnshire NG32 2HQ

Weddings, Civil Ceremonies

Marston Hall has a licence and makes the perfect venue for small, intimate weddings and civil ceremonies in an historic and romantic setting. We are able to accommodate up to 60 guests. The house and garden would be entirely yours for your special day. You would either choose to ask our help to plan every detail or could do it yourselves with our guidance. Either way it would be your unique celebration without the interference of a business manager telling you what to do and charging you every inch of the way.

Family Celebrations

What about a complete change from your usual venue to celebrate a big birthday or special wedding anniversary? Marston Hall is the ideal place to host a memorable party for all your family and friends in this beautiful ancient house. Your gathering could add to the history of over 800 years of people entertaining here. If only the walls could talk, imagine how many secrets are stored in them!

Funeral Wakes

Instead of holding your funeral wake at an impersonal, corporate hotel, come to Marston Hall to spend quality time together remembering your loved one without the intrusion of other people. Marston has a very special serene atmosphere. It is a genuine historic house which has been standing here for over 800 years but it is also a family home which has seen life (and death) over many generations.